Is it time to submit a home purchase offer?

by Mike Bowling 03/19/2023

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After conducting an in-depth home search, you may find a property fitting your needs and homebuying goals. Ultimately, there are a few significant signs to note which can indicate a great time to put in an offer, and knowing what these signs are can put you ahead of the competition. 

You find a house matching or exceeding your expectations

If you view a home and find it aligns or even exceeds your homebuying goals, this may be a sign to take the plunge with an offer to purchase.  

Consider factors such as the space and square footage, location, if it has the HOA community of your preference and more. 

You're operating in a sellers market

If you’re buying in a fast-paced market, it may be best to act quickly to secure the home of your dreams.  

A seller's market typically features a shortage of high-quality homes and an abundance of homebuyers. Acting quickly is needed to secure housing, so working with your real estate agent, you may need to form a competitive offer letter to stand out from the crowd. 

You're facing a time crunch

If you must move into a new home quickly, you may want to consider working with a real estate agent to map out a homebuying strategy, so you can efficiently find a home of your liking and turn in an offer letter.  

This may include figuring out what you’re searching for in a home, including the number of rooms needed, yard space, location and other aspects.  

Working with your real estate agent, observing the market and understanding your goals can help you figure out if it’s the right time to put in an offer to purchase.

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